About Us

»We develop assistance system solutions for our customers to create customized and highly efficient work processes in production and logistics.«

We are a team of industrial and IT engineers.

We have extensive expertise and many years of experience in the fields of product and software development as well as Industrial Engineering.
In the area of product and software development, we are able to develop complex software architectures and to implement user-centric operating concepts.
In addition we have the entire "hand tool" of industrial engineering - from traditional methods of working and time management up to methods of lean management, ergonomic workplace design and factory planning.
Our motivation is to contribute to a better competitiveness of our customers, through intelligent assistance systems and configuration and optimization of complex assembly processes.


Our assistance system technology supports employees

especially during manual assembly of complex and multi-variant products with the objective of
- reducing training times,
- avoidance of assembly errors,
- increasing labor productivity and
- workers guidance and reducing of workers uncertainty.

Our assistance system technology is also applicable to other, mainly manually performed work processes - such as setup, operation or maintenance processes. Contact us. We see ourselves as a service provider and look forward to go with you new ways.


Software Platform

»Individually configurable for different applications«


Our mission is,

to realize high efficient processes for our customers manual or semi-automated assembly. We develop intelligent assistance systems for our customers and provide professional services.


Feel free to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

Alexander Unrau

Managing Director

Daniel Riediger

Managing Director

Assembly Solutions GmbH
D-32756 Detmold, Germany


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